Feb 9, 2012

Short Stories: Referees fails pt 4

Welcome to the next post of Short Stories, in which we will see one of the most brutal fouls in the history. Let's go back in time for six years. It is 2006 and Manchester City is playing a match versus Portsmouth in Premier League. Pedro Mendes is charging to the loose ball, same does Ben Thatcher. Of course the better one of these players will win the challenge for the ball, but Pedro Mendes wouldn't even imagine he will be taken out by Ben Thatcher who led his elbow in the face of the portugal player. Pedro hits the advertising hoardings with his head and lies unconscious. He's not moving, and he's taken by medical help to the nearest hospital. Ben Thatcher issued a written apology to Mendes, and later was investigated by the FA and the Greater Manchester Police. Finally - he has been suspended for eight matches. Well, what does all of this have to do with a referee? Was Ben Thatcher punished with a red card? No way. Referee booked him with a yellow card even if he completely eliminated Mendes.
Watch it here:

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