Mar 31, 2012

Real Madrid changes their crest

As noticed by spanish Marca Real Madrid has removed the cross from the crown in their logo (see photo). The reason behind it is building Real Madrid Resort Island on the Ras Al Khaimah island in United Arab Emirates. It will be officially open in 2015 and its purpose is to collect 150 millions of Real fans living in Asia. Florentino Perez wants to "avoid any confusion or misinterpretation" of his project being built in a largely Muslim region.

The cross has been a part of the crest because it was the part of King Alfonso XIII's crown. Alfonso XIII granted the club his royal patronage in 1920 and changed the club's name from Madrid Club de Futbol to Real Madrid. There is only one question. Was the change needed to not offend Muslims or to get big money?

Mar 30, 2012

Stilian Petrov diagnosed with leukemia

Aston Villa captain Stilian Petrov has been diagnosed with leukemia according to the club's statement which said: "We expect to learn more about Stilian's situation in due course and we have moved quickly to support him and his family. During this time we ask that Stilian's privacy is placed ahead of all inquiries and trust that we will share information as we receive it. Stilian is cherished by many and he will get from Villa every ounce of love and support that we have to help bring this to a positive conclusion." Leukemia was diagnosed after Petrov developed a fever last Saturday and in the last hours it has been sadly confirmed. Earlier he reported his low energy levels to club's medical staff and has been advised to rest for few days because everyone hoped it was just a virus. Wednesday's blood tests found the cause of his symptoms and fatigue. Stilian is 32 years old and moved to Aston Villa in 2006, when former manager Martin O'Neill brought him from Celtic.

photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Petrov's former Celtic team-mate Neil Lennon, wrote on his Twitter: "Absolutely inconsolable here regarding Stilian.He will overcome this like all the other barriers he faced in his life." In the statement on Celtic's website, Lennon added: "We are all absolutely devastated to hear this news. As a member of the Celtic family, it is important for Stilian to know that he has our unequivocal support in battling against this disease. Knowing Stilian as I do, and the many obstacles he has overcome in his life to get to the peak of his career, he will overcome this one too. On behalf of the players and the backroom staff we send our support and best wishes to Stilian, Paulina and the family. We are there for them all and they will never walk alone."

Get well Stilian.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester?

It has been said many times that Manchester City and the club's management are interested in getting Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Kaka three years ago. Now, it looks like their plans are getting more serious. According to sheiks will do everything to make Cristiano move to Manchester, they will offer much more than just 80 millions pounds for one of the best strikers in the world, and they're going to sell Edin Dzeko, Carlos Tevez, Nigel De Jong, Emmanuel Adebayor, Wayne Bridge and Roque Santa Cruz.

 photo by Addesolen

English media said that Real and Manchester City management had met lately but there is no known information what happened on the meeting. Ronaldo would earn 500 thousands pounds per week according to unofficial news. If the transfer succeeds then it will be absolute record in the history because of salary and transfer price.

Mar 28, 2012

Racist tweets toward Fabrice Muamba

21-year-old Liam Stacey, student from Wales will be in jail for 56 days because of racist tweets on his twitter, that said: "LOL, f*** Muamba, he's dead haha" and then many other racist insults toward random twitter users. Liam Stacey did this few hours after the tragic situation in the Tottenham - Bolton match, when cardiologist along with dr Deaner were fighting to save the young football player he decided to make fun on his private twitter. When student was illuminated that his post may lead him to the court he deleted it but it was too late. In the time police was investigating his reasons he said at first someone hacked his twitter account, and later changed his mind saying he was drunk when tweeting.

Fabrice Muamba. Photo by PA Wire/Press Association Images/EAST NEWS

Judge John Carles said to Stacey: "It was racist abuse via a social networking site instigated as a result of a vile and abhorrent comment about a young footballer who was fighting for his life. At that moment, not just the footballer's family, not just the footballing world but the whole world were literally praying for his life. Your comments aggravated this situation. I have no choice but to impose an immediate custodial sentence to reflect the public outrage at what you have done. You committed this offence while you were drunk and it is clear you immediately regretted it. But you must learn how to handle your alcohol better." Jail was not the only punishment for young welsh student, because he got banned from the rugby team he was playing in and he will be most probably punished in his university. Jim Brisbane (the prosecutor) commented on this situation saying that he hopes it will be successful warning for everyone commenting in the internet.

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Mar 25, 2012

Chile to host Copa America 2015

Chile will host the Copa America in 2015. Competitions were to be held in Brazil, but the largest country in South America resigned from the organization of the event because it already hosts too many sporting events in the coming years like the World Cup 2014 or Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The tournament in 2015 will be the seventh Copa organized by Chile. Previously, Chile organized competitions in 1920, 1926, 1941, 1945, 1955 and 1991 when Argentina defeated Brazil in the final. In 43 tournaments, seven national teams have won the title. Uruguay is the current champion (Uruguay 3:0 Paraguay, last year in Argentina) and the most successful team in the tournament, having won it fifteen times. It is expected that Brazil will take Chile's schedule turn to host the tournament in 2019.

Mar 21, 2012

Doctor that saved Fabrice Muamba's life.

I bet everyone of you has already known most about Muamba's situation, when his heart stopped beating on Saturday when Bolton was countering Hotspur, so I'm not going to write down everything about it (personally I was really shocked, I was seeing Marc Vivien Foe all the time and I was scared nonetheless it's been nine years already and medicine level has increased MUCH), I'll write about one person that saved Fabrice from death. Although doctors aren’t sure what caused Fabrice to have an heart attack, some medical experts say vigorous exercise may have been the trigger.

“Exercise could be a trigger for a cardiac event,’’ said Dr William McKenna, director of inherited cardiac diseases at University College London. “If you have a known problem and push the system to the limit, it may fall apart.’’

It is said by other experts that Muamba's hearth problem was a genetic abnormality and it was not detected before by doctors. Yet another doctors say that it could've been a result of too much adrenaline in a player's body which led to cardiac arrest.

 Dr Andrew Deaner (brown jacket), photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga

The person I was talking about is Dr Andrew Deaner (Spurs fan), he is a heart specialist and works in King George Hospital in Cardiology. After Fabrice's heart attack he darted onto the pitch to offer his expertise in the fight to save his life. He made it with the team of specialists to the hospital he works and this way he avoided waiting in queues and saving young player's life, meanwhile providing him medical care all the time. Dr Graham Stuart, medical director of Sports Cardiology UK, said the quick work by Dr Deaner and the medical team at White Hart Lane had given Muamba the greatest possible chance of making a recovery. He has also been part of the team overseeing his treatment at the London Chest since his arrival there. According to a joint statement from Bolton and the hospital, Fabrice has been “able to recognise family members and respond to questions appropriately". I hope it will end good, he has the best cardiologists around and billions of fans in the world wishing him well. Get well soon Fabrice!

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Mar 17, 2012

Google Chrome Live Sport

Hello everybody, I found this Google Chrome addon few days ago and I tought I would share it with you. Its main purpose is to show you actual live scores of many leagues, cups and national teams friendlies. Also, it gives you links to live streams of many live matches, which are downloaded from As said on Google official site, you can set your addon to give you scores of football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis and many more. It's really a great plugin, you should check it yourself.
You can get it here:

PS: Due to some issues I was forced to remove comments section. I'm really sorry about that, I hope to set a section where you will be able to post your feedback, meanwhile you can subscribe to RSS. Have a good weekend.

Mar 15, 2012

Liver Transplantion of Eric Abidal

Exactly one year passes today since Abidal's tumour has been discovered (the liver tumour), three days later he had a surgery to remove it. But it is not the end of health problems of french defender, official FC Barcelona website announced, that Eric Abidal is to undergo a liver transplantion:
"Over the coming weeks, the player will undergo a liver transplant" a Barcelona club statement confirmed. "The transplant was an option since the start of his treatment a year ago."

 photo by Mutari

Abidal was a first-team regular this season. He played in 20 league games, but he has not played since suffering a hip injury playing for France in their friendly win over Germany. He finally signed a one-year contract extension in January. It is another sad day for football, that a great man with a passion and talent suffers for no reason, I hope the liver transplantation will go well and we will see him on the pitch this season. And of course without any other injuries.

"Stones in the Road? Keep them all, one day you will build a castle. "# AnimsAbidal TeQueremos" - tweeted Thiago this morning, and David Villa, actually injured (tibia injury), tweeted: "All my strength for Abidal! You will get through it. You are very strong. We will all be by your side."

Also, Roberto Carlos finally stated that he is not going to retire this year, pretty cool, now when we made ourselves a little bit nostalgic we can watch him again in next season.

Mar 10, 2012

Retirement of Roberto Carlos

Since 1993 Roberto Carlos played 743 matches and scored 94 goals in his career. He played for Palmeiras, Corinthians, Inter Mediolan, FC Anzhi Makhachkala and Real Madrid where he has spent eleven years delivering the joy of football to every fan in the world. He was one of the best left defenders in the history of football but today it is the day it was confirmed he decided to retire. He has won Brazilian Championship twice, three Spanish Cups, Intercontinental Cup, European Super Cup, has been a champion of La Liga four times and with Real Madrid he has triumphed three times in the Champions League. In the national team of Brazil he has scored 11 goals in 125 games.

photo by Eurosport

He was connected with Anzhi to the summer of 2013 but he was allowed to retire in December 2011 already. Last Friday German Czistiakow confirmed that he will retire now. It is not known yet if Roberto Carlos will stay in the Russia but the Makhachkala owner - multibillionaire Suleiman Kerimov - wants to make him his advisor. According to russian media Carlos has been earning 5 mln euro for one season. For me it is a real loss for the football world because it is next player of the best generation of football to retire, I hope he will continue his soccer retirement as a coach. As a Blaugrana fan I will surely remember him as one of the greatest enemies that FC Barcelona had to counter playing versus los Blancos.

Mar 7, 2012

Football Commercials #3

Hello dear visitor, today is the day of the next post with old football commercials! I hope you have at least five minutes to watch them, ok, let's go!

This ad is made by Nike, well, all of ads shown today are Nike ads. I hope you don't mind, but Nike creates the best football commercials in history, that is my opinion. This one shows incredible moves and obviously is starring Ronaldinho. :)

All of the legendary Canarinhos in one video, pretty nostalgic.

And this Nike ad is one of the newest commercials, with nowadays players such as Wayne Rooney or Ribery. 

I hope you liked them, thanks for watching. :)

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Mar 2, 2012

Knee Injury of John Terry

Chelsea's captain has been injured in January this year hitting the post when countering Portsmouth in FA Cup. Until the knee surgery he played two more Barclays PL matches and one FA Cup game more. John finally had the knee surgery to repair damage last week. It is a good season for Chelsea's captain, 31-year-old defender has scored four goals in Barclays PL already and it is the same number of goals as in his record.

photo by Armahgil

"The operation went well and I'm feeling really good," John told the Sun after his knee surgery. - "The surgeon has shaved off a bit of bone in my right knee that was rubbing and causing a lot of swelling. We're all confident the operation has solved the problem and it is looking good for a quick return. The medical staff say four to six weeks before I can play again. But, hopefully, it might be sooner."
Chelsea management didn't officially announce the report about John Terry's health but most probably Andre Villas-Boas will have to play without him even for two months more after recovering from knee injury.