Feb 10, 2012

Henry - back to America

Well, I really don't like these kind of news. Thierry Henry was always one of my favourite players and I was really happy to see him scoring goals for Arsenal once again. The french striker made a good return to Arsenal London, on 4 February 2012 he scored a goal Blackburn Rovers in a 7–1 win and the only goal against Leeds United which led Arsenal to the next stage in FA Cup. The Gunners wanted to extend the loan of a legend. New York Red Bulls authorities didn't agree with them, thus, as originally planned Thierry Henry flies back to the USA in the next Thursday.

photo by wonker

We will be able to see him playing for London for two more matches - one with Sunderland (league) and one with AC Milan (in Champions League). I will surely watch these matches, how about you?