Feb 6, 2012

Short Stories: Referees fails pt 3

Welcome to the third part of Short Stories, today I would like to introduce you next part of Referees fails, kind of similar to the previous situation because it also takes place in South America. It was in 2008, Junior Barranquilla met in the 3rd round of the semi-final group stage of the Copa Mustang Tournament with America de Cali. Emerson Acuña - Junior Barranquilla player - pulled off one of the worst dives in football history, throwing himself to the floor to win a penalty against America de Cali, in the same time he was offside and had no opponents within metres of him. The referee has seen Emerson's dive as a foul and gave Juniors a penalty. Later in this match Acuña has been sent off because of a foul and suspended for three matches because of his fake dive. The match has ended in a draw 1:1 but finally it was America de Cali who took a part in finals of the tournament. Watch the whole situation here:

Stay tuned for the next part, have a good Monday!