Feb 28, 2012

The Most Unusual Stadiums #1

Today I'm going to share a story with you. A story about dreams and ambitions. This is a really motivating story, but you obviously are now like: "I'm here for the stadium, what's going on?" Well, okay, just continue reading. When you were young you obviously had a time you watched World Cup filled with football legends and wanted to be just like they were in their finest days. Later - you've tried to play like them. Aaand you've probably got a football pitch near to your school, house, or at least city, right? Right.

This was the problem of the children in Koh Panyee (Thailand). They were not able to play football so their dreams were smashed with the reality, but then they created their own story. You don't have a place to play if you live in a village like that:

In 1986 the children of a small fishing village named Koh Panyee were inspired to create a football team after watching the World Cup in Mexico. With a dream in their minds they started building a floating football pitch made of found in the village wood. The village had a population of 1500 and it was really hard for that children to find any help in building. Finally they did it. The boys created their own pitch and they have played football for the first time in their lives! Well, the ball was in the water almost all the time so it was the only team in history that should train players in diving :).

 You should watch this video, which was recorded by a Thailand Bank TMB, it shows the history I could not really explain. It is just too awesome.

Today, Koh Panyee FC is one of the best teams in Thailand, since 2004 they are the champions of South Thailand and their island has become one of the most footballish place in the world. Matt Devine from Glue Society - the man who recorded the whole bank ad said that today every house on the island has at least one Barclays PL Jersey and every boat in Koh Panyee has been named as Premier League teams. You don't have to stop your manly tears. It is a wonderful story. Stay tuned for the next most unusual stadium. Goodbye!