Feb 2, 2012

Short Stories: Referees fails pt 2

So the second part of Referees fails happen to be in Brazil. I could write a really long post about brazilian football. Who knows, maybe I'll do it one day :). It was 2006. Santacruzense was countering Atletico Sorocaba in Brazil’s FPF Cup. It was 89th minute and the local club Sorocaba was winning 1:0. Santacruzenians attacked their opponents but one of their players shot wide and the ball left the pitch near to the post. A tad fat ballboy runs to the ball and rolls it over the goal line putting it in the web. The referee, Silvia Regina de Oliveira (duh, a woman! No offence, girls, but, you know... :P) awarded Santacruzense with a goal which led to a 1:1 draw. Even the linesmen didn't see the ballboy's action! Just unbelievable. Silvia Regina de Oliveira and her linesmen has been suspended the next day after a match. You can see the whole situation here:

I hope you enjoyed the second part of Short Stories. I hope I will be able to deliver next part in Monday. See you then!