Feb 15, 2012

Football Commercials #1

Hello my dear followers! At first I'd like to thank you for 10 thousands views, I don't think I could even imagine that, it makes me think my work is even a little useful. Today I have compiled some great football commercials. Many brands were trying to create most creative ads, brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike (which I think is obvious why :) These ads were nothing like what you see in TV now, these football commercials were starring the most legendary players such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and many more. If you were born at least in ~94 you should know most of them. Personally - I miss that generation of players, it was filled with many legends that were bringing real magic to the game, now we don't have much players like that. It was a world of great teamplay and creativity, not violence and corruption. Am I the only one who actually thinks that ads - not just football commercials, every advertisement - 10 years ago was created with any idea and was actually bringing people to TVs and to brand's product?
Pepsi Football Commercial
Football Commercial by Nike #1

Football Commercial by Nike #2

Do you like these ads? Stay tuned for next part. :)

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