Apr 25, 2012

Pique's concussion

As stated by Catalunya Radio Gerard Pique doesn't remember the crash with Victor Valdes and he doesn't remember playing with Chelsea yesterday. After fast reaction of the physiotherapist Jaume Munilla and Dr Ricard Prune Gerard has been transported to the hospital. Gerard was able to play after the crash but he requested to be swapped with Dani Alves few minutes later. As said by Andoni Zubizaretta (Barcelona's director of football and years ago Barcelona's goalkeeper) Pique has already left the hospital. Examinations in the hospital indicated his brain concussion and because of his state he will not be able to play at least for one week.

Photo by PAP/EPA

Apr 21, 2012

One of the worst matches in the history

The ASEAN Football Championship (renamed now to AFF Suzuki Cup) tournament in 1998 will always be saved in the history of football as one of the worst tournaments. Why? Let me explain. It was one of the matches of this tournament that made it so infamous. Thailand faced Indonesia in semi-finals. The winners of this match would play Vietnam who was the host of the Cup that year and were in the greatest form since many years. The loser of the match would face Singapore that was much easier to play against. Also, facing Vietnam would mean moving training bases to Hanoi and none of the teams wanted to do that. So, what exactly happened that day?

Well, the thing that happened was that noone even tried to score until referees began giving out cautions. Players were just passing the ball around. Then both teams scored two goals without any emotions and celebrations or will to even save any goal. You may think, well, it didn't look that bad i bet. It was only getting worse. With the score 2-2 and only seconds remaining, Indonesia's defender Mursyid Effendi took the ball, turned and placed it in his own net. Indonesia was no longer scared of facing Vietnam, they were celebrating after their own goal because they could play against Singapore.

Mursyid Effendi

Ironically Thailand lost to Vietnam in semi-finals, but so did Indonesia with Singapore. Thailand had to counter Indonesia once again for the third-place playoff. Indonesia won by penalty shootout, and the winner of the Cup wasn't Vietnam, but surprisingly Singapore. After the tournament FIFA fined both teams for violating the spirit of the game, the entire Thailand management team resigned and Mursyif Effendi received a lifetime ban from international football. Both Thailand and Indonesia were suspended from playing for three months.
 You can watch the highlights of the match here:

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Apr 16, 2012

Fabrice Muamba left the hospital

Fabrice Muamba has been discharged from the London Chest Hospital one month after suffering a cardiac arrest. The Bolton midfielder was hospitalized after he collapsed during an FA Cup quarter-final match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. Fabrice's heart stopped for 78 minutes during that day. An Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) has been inserted under his collarbone to protect him against another cardiac arrest.

Dr Andrew Deaner, Fabrice Muamba and Dr Sam Mohiddin

Muamba will be moved now 200 miles for ongoing treatment to the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Greater Manchester. In a statement released by Bolton, Muamba said: "I am naturally very pleased to be discharged from hospital and would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to every single member of staff at The London Chest Hospital who have played a part in my care. Their dedication, professionalism and expertise is simply amazing and I will forever be in their debt. I also wish to say thank you to all the many well-wishers who have sent thousands of messages of support. Now I am out of hospital, I am looking forward to continuing my recovery and spending precious time with my family." 

Apr 11, 2012

Liver Transplantation of Eric Abidal finished

Sandro Rosell, the president of FC Barcelona said in the interview for Catalunya Radio that the liver transplantation of Eric Abidal was problem-free and Eric, same as his cousin Gerard are in good condition after the surgery which lasted nine hours. The French defender will be under observation in hospital for 48 hours. The medical team led by Juan Carlos Garcia Valdecasas which operated Eric Abidal will release a statement in the Wednesday morning to report the outcome of the surgery.
photo by AP/Manu Fernandez/wt
Pep Guardiola confirmed the news about Eric when he spoke to the press on the conference after 4-0 win over Getafe on Tuesday during which fans chanted the name of french defender in the 22nd minute of the match: "Before coming here I've been told that the operation has been finished, and we'll have to wait 48 hours to see his evolution. We have to be prudent. During the week we'll know more. The next days will be crucial to see how it goes. We've got plenty of faith in such a strong man." Guardiola dedicated this victory to Eric and his cousin Gerard. #animsAbidal!

Apr 10, 2012

Liver Transplantation of Eric Abidal started today

The liver transplantation of Eric Abidal started at 10 a.m. (GMT +1) and as planned should be finished after six to eight or nine hours. The person that donates part of the liver for Eric is his cousin Gerard and Eric is operated by Juan Carlos Garcia Valdecasas - the president of International Liver Transplant Society. After the transplantation Eric will remain hospitalized at least 10 days. After the surgery the club will broadcast a medical statement about (hopefully) the success of the operation. If the new part of the liver fits nicely to the body there is a small chance that Eric will be able to play soccer after long rehabilitation. I really hope he will get well as soon as possible. #animsAbidal!
Eric with his cousin Gerard

P.S. I am really sorry for the mistake about Milan president in "Frank Lampard in Diego Maradona's team?", I hope you will understand and forgive me, the common blogger :) .

Apr 9, 2012

Frank Lampard in Maradona's team?


Al Wasl - the club led by Diego Maradona - wants to bring Frank Lampard to Dubai with a 6 million pounds per year contract. Chelsea midfielder was frustrated since the coming of Andre Villas-Boas and even the change of the manager did not help him with his frustration in the team. It can most probably be changed by the amount of money Diego Maradona is willing to pay him in his (maybe?) new club. It was said also that the contract would make Frank not pay any taxes for it.

photo by Aleksandr Mysyakin for Soccer.ru

Inter Mediolan already tried to gain Frank on their side in 2010 but the offer was rejected by Chelsea. The Nerazzuri reportedly made a bid of around 13 million pounds. This time it will not take that much time to secure a transfer due to Frank's age and just a year left on his contract.

Apr 5, 2012

Insurances for national teams

Often in international matches players were getting injured and because of their injuries were off for months. Many clubs already wanted any change to make players that play in national teams supported by UEFA when they are injured in matches like that and it is finally going to be started on Euro 2012 cup. FIFA's president, Sepp Blatter announced that they will pay insurances to all international players who will play at any official international match. "It is an insurance that covers all players, the clubs and national associations. It is important to take the players' interest into consideration." Players that play in friendly matches will be insured too.

photo by Marcello Casal Jr. / ABr

The decision of UEFA & FIFA is considered to be one of the most important changes in the football history as the insurances will not only cover the medical treatment cost of injured player but will also pay indemnity to the club the injured player plays for.

ECA President Karl-Heinz Rummenigge added:
"The agreement reflects a greater balance between both national teams and domestic clubs and it is a great achievement to the European football, I would like to honestly thank Michel Platini for his willingness in reaching an agreement. Not only ECA but also all the teams in Europe should be proud with this feat. We all hope to continue to construct, together with UEFA, a future for European football"