Jan 30, 2012

Short Stories: Referees fails pt 1

Okay, as I promised it is the start of really random stories in football. Today I'm targetting the referees fails, and, well, I hope you enjoy reading. :)

In the year 1995 in July Paul Gascoigne arrived to Glasgow Rangers and almost automatically he has shown his skills in the fifth league game of the season in the match with Celtic Glasgow (their biggest rival) he scored a memorable goal running almost the whole length of the pitch. Anyway, it was not why he isn't forgotten (besides of his great skills, he was a really good player!).

It was December 30th. Glasgow Rangers were countering the Hibernian FC. Paul Gascoigne finds a yellow card of referee - Dougie Smith - on the pitch and takes is from the ground to return it. Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne raises the yellow card to make the referee see it. Well, he did it in really comical way. As the card passes to Smith's hand he stops Gazza and books him with the card he just took. Well, referees were always to be pedantic in their job, but this was really not needed. Even Hibernian's fans were not happy with this decision. Gascoigne was handed a two-match ban and even Rangers manager Walter Smith could not find a way to save him. 15 years later Doug Smith finds himself in Hall of Shame. You can see the whole situation here:

Next post in Thursday, I hope you enjoyed it. :)