Jan 20, 2012

David Beckham News

Today's post is going to be about one of the football's real legends.
David Beckham!

Most of you should remember times when he played in Manchester United and has been considered as one of the best football players of that time, especially when he scored a goal versus Wimbledon from the kick off line! It has been voted (in 2002) as an 18th most spectacular goal in football's history.
During the 96/97 season he has been voted as the Young Player of the Year.
In the year 2003 he changed his club to Real Madrid to then play with best of the bests like Zinedine Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Iker Casillas. Finally in 2007 he moved to LA Galaxy team that's keeping him until today.

 photo by Paul Blank

And that's the first of the two news:
Some people speculated he's going to finally change his club and possibly finish his career in Paris Saint-Germain which is now under the wings of Carlo Ancelotti and is going to be one of the black horses of the Champion's League as it has finally won the League 1 after 15 years. Finally he didn't make it to PSG even after being seduced by 800 thousands per month (sic!) and he signed a new contract for LA Galaxy.

The newest information is that David Beckham declared that he wants to become a captain of the national team of England for the time of Olympics which happen to be hosted in London in 2012.

Do you think his dream will come true? What do you think about Beckham?