Jan 19, 2012

The day after Gran Derbi

Good day to you followers! Yesterday was the day of violence. Especially by Pepe. If you watched the match you should feel mad (at least a tiny, very tiny part of you) because of Pepe.

Barcelona won 2:1, Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid in 11th minute, but after pretty good first half he couldn't do anything versus Dani Alves. Second half was for Barcelona only. Puyol scored after a corner kick by a flying header, it was a great goal for not so young captain of catalonian team. But it only made the match worse. Why?

I could write about Pepe's brutality and violence for hours because he's one of the biggest madmans in football history. But yesterday he surely was an anti-hero of this match. Violent attacks on Azulgranas legs, stepping on Messi's hand to eliminate him (Pepe is trying to eliminate Messi since the day of his birth, huh), and finally the worst acting ever. He got slapped in his chest and he dived like he has been almost killed. He was on the ground for 5 minutes holding his head and players even had to stop the game to see if he's not hurt. But I think he forgot one thing. On every match there are thousands of cameras. You can't just run away from cameras, they see everything! Finally, Abidal scored the last goal of the match and even if Barcelona had few chances before the last whistle they couldn't score any goal then.

How did you like el Clasico?