Jan 18, 2012

Gran Derbi

So, today is a big day (once again)!

4th time in this season we will watch Barcelona play against Real Madrid in Copa del Rey. It is the blancos that want to protect trophy they earned last year.
Gran Derbi, or el Clasico how some people name it will forever be one of the most interesting matches, because we have a chance to watch two great teams counter themselves with two different styles of playing. Last Gran Derbi was won by FC Barcelona by the result of 3:1. It will be the 217th Clasico in the history.

It is worth to remind that Real has won 86 times, Barcelona 85 times and there were 45 draws. Barca will surely want to win this and next one and finally change the history having more wins in Gran Derbi than Real Madrid.

As a fan of Blaugrana I hope catalonian boys will win this one, but I hope also it will be a good and nice to watch match. 
Who will win? Are you going to watch this match? Comment below!