Jan 15, 2012

The Beggining of Football

There's one thing which makes more than billion of men happy. It was in our lifes since our childhood, it was in our history since many years ago, and it is still one of the most important things ever, not like your childhood toys or everything what you have learned in school. It's one of few sports that can connect people, that can make people find their senses of life or just make their hormones jump. 


Since the beginning of time a man tired of hunting and trying to survive had to do something in his free time. The Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have played many ball games, some of which involved the use of the feet. Many of eastern countries like China had invented their own games where they used feet to kick the ball, however, the main sources of modern football codes appear to lie in western Europe, especially England. First matches were played in the XIXth century by students of the private schools. There were also clubs like Sheffield FC that tried to create their own rules of the football. FIFA was created in 1904.

Why do we love football? Is it because of the dynamics of the game? Is it because of feeling you feel when your favourite football club wins an important match? What do you think? Why do YOU love football? Comment below!