Mar 15, 2012

Liver Transplantion of Eric Abidal

Exactly one year passes today since Abidal's tumour has been discovered (the liver tumour), three days later he had a surgery to remove it. But it is not the end of health problems of french defender, official FC Barcelona website announced, that Eric Abidal is to undergo a liver transplantion:
"Over the coming weeks, the player will undergo a liver transplant" a Barcelona club statement confirmed. "The transplant was an option since the start of his treatment a year ago."

 photo by Mutari

Abidal was a first-team regular this season. He played in 20 league games, but he has not played since suffering a hip injury playing for France in their friendly win over Germany. He finally signed a one-year contract extension in January. It is another sad day for football, that a great man with a passion and talent suffers for no reason, I hope the liver transplantation will go well and we will see him on the pitch this season. And of course without any other injuries.

"Stones in the Road? Keep them all, one day you will build a castle. "# AnimsAbidal TeQueremos" - tweeted Thiago this morning, and David Villa, actually injured (tibia injury), tweeted: "All my strength for Abidal! You will get through it. You are very strong. We will all be by your side."

Also, Roberto Carlos finally stated that he is not going to retire this year, pretty cool, now when we made ourselves a little bit nostalgic we can watch him again in next season.