Mar 21, 2012

Doctor that saved Fabrice Muamba's life.

I bet everyone of you has already known most about Muamba's situation, when his heart stopped beating on Saturday when Bolton was countering Hotspur, so I'm not going to write down everything about it (personally I was really shocked, I was seeing Marc Vivien Foe all the time and I was scared nonetheless it's been nine years already and medicine level has increased MUCH), I'll write about one person that saved Fabrice from death. Although doctors aren’t sure what caused Fabrice to have an heart attack, some medical experts say vigorous exercise may have been the trigger.

“Exercise could be a trigger for a cardiac event,’’ said Dr William McKenna, director of inherited cardiac diseases at University College London. “If you have a known problem and push the system to the limit, it may fall apart.’’

It is said by other experts that Muamba's hearth problem was a genetic abnormality and it was not detected before by doctors. Yet another doctors say that it could've been a result of too much adrenaline in a player's body which led to cardiac arrest.

 Dr Andrew Deaner (brown jacket), photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga

The person I was talking about is Dr Andrew Deaner (Spurs fan), he is a heart specialist and works in King George Hospital in Cardiology. After Fabrice's heart attack he darted onto the pitch to offer his expertise in the fight to save his life. He made it with the team of specialists to the hospital he works and this way he avoided waiting in queues and saving young player's life, meanwhile providing him medical care all the time. Dr Graham Stuart, medical director of Sports Cardiology UK, said the quick work by Dr Deaner and the medical team at White Hart Lane had given Muamba the greatest possible chance of making a recovery. He has also been part of the team overseeing his treatment at the London Chest since his arrival there. According to a joint statement from Bolton and the hospital, Fabrice has been “able to recognise family members and respond to questions appropriately". I hope it will end good, he has the best cardiologists around and billions of fans in the world wishing him well. Get well soon Fabrice!

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