Apr 10, 2012

Liver Transplantation of Eric Abidal started today

The liver transplantation of Eric Abidal started at 10 a.m. (GMT +1) and as planned should be finished after six to eight or nine hours. The person that donates part of the liver for Eric is his cousin Gerard and Eric is operated by Juan Carlos Garcia Valdecasas - the president of International Liver Transplant Society. After the transplantation Eric will remain hospitalized at least 10 days. After the surgery the club will broadcast a medical statement about (hopefully) the success of the operation. If the new part of the liver fits nicely to the body there is a small chance that Eric will be able to play soccer after long rehabilitation. I really hope he will get well as soon as possible. #animsAbidal!
Eric with his cousin Gerard

P.S. I am really sorry for the mistake about Milan president in "Frank Lampard in Diego Maradona's team?", I hope you will understand and forgive me, the common blogger :) .