May 15, 2012

Messi helping a boy with pituitary dwarfism

Lionel Messi is not just a great footballer but he is a great man too. Barcelona's top striker since now is paying medical bills for 12-year-old boy suffering from pituitary dwarfism. It was the pituitary dwarfism that Leo was suffering from too and now he decided to help someone in a similar condition. Mesi came to Barcelona because it covered the cost of the bills for the growth hormone. The boy suffering from pituitary dwarfism is Kashasha Waleed, he is from Morocco and he dreamed to be a footballer but his family could not afford the hormonal therapy. Therefore, his mother decided to write a letter to Leo asking for help, and he decided to help the family paying 208 euros every two weeks for the growth hormone treatment for Kashasha (till the age of 18). Messi often engages in the UNICEF actions and has his own foundation.

photo by Christopher Johnson